Unseasonal Work

Exhibited at Bus Projects, Collingwood, June, 2017.

Photo by Christo Crocker 


Seasonal Work

Part of an exhibition "Of everything that disappears there remains traces", curated by Lauren Ravi at The Honeymoon Suite, Brunswick. 2017.


40 poems

Supported by the Monash University, Prato Centre

Printed & bound by Friends Make Books, Turin, 2016
40 pages, edition of 60.

Documentation by Andrej Kocis


Currently artist in residence at Monash University Prato in Italy. I'm keeping a blog while I'm here:



A gap opens up, August 2016

Most images by Christo Crocker. Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts & Melbourne's Living Museum of the West



more soon

Currently doing a residency at Melbourne's Living Museum of the West. 

How a dog leaves a trace of moisture when it smells u

The leaves that fell through the ceiling of the toilet block

The kitchen after I cleaned it


Exhibition opening & closing
this Friday 25th March, 6pm

Artery Studio 22
​107 Helen St. Northcote​


A recent video

Narration by Javed de Costa

Double Bass by Benjamin Woods

Commissioned by Artbank, 2015.



"It's an attempt to locate genius instead of locating collective knowledge."


Scores etc.

Matt Day's performance work next to my video Flicker (2008), in the exhibition The Object as Score at Margaret Lawrence Gallery.


Was just talking to my friend Patrick on the phone and these 3 things seemed relevant:


mopping the floor & missing the spot where you are standing


Set, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

An artists or gallery website:

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professionalism can be deadening right? I'll try to make the best of it.



The other day I was sitting on the toilet looking at this and wondering

what the hell is in this bag. 


End of residency, 2014

A short film for Gertrude, 2014

(Participants: Claire Lambe, Annabelle Kingston, Javed de Costa, Brennan Olver, Sarah crowEST, Scott Miles, Joni Gear, Trish Roan, Sam La Marca).

Sub12 at the Substation, Newport, November 2014

A collaborative installation with Isadora Vaughan at Substation in Newport. Photos: Christo Crocker


I like writing in this blog because
I can maintain control.
I can change images when I want.
I can be indeterminate.


( ) at Gertrude Contemporary, September 2014 (photographs by Christo Crocker)

( )

(chopsticks), heat moulded (ramen restaurant, Melbourne, August 2014)
Tram sand (sanders)
Perfume sampler, cologne worn by previous Gertrude Contemporary resident artist 2012-2014 (refreshed regularly)
Hanging, cotton fabric 
(Completely) Black photographs (2010 & 2013)
Poppy seeds, black & white photograms
Measurements (the space between two works: W. Sievers at CCP,  S. Jacobs at TCB, B. Lunney at Gertrude Studio 12, S. Bailey at West Space, R. Mazzone at Seventh Gallery 2014) wood, white paint sourced from Centre for Contemporary Photography, TCB Inc., Gertrude Contemporary, West Space & Seventh Gallery
White, scuffed paper bought new (Deans)
Trail mix (spoiled)
Nails, from floor boards of studio 8
Slide Show, 80 holes
Black mat, vinylised foam