15 September 2014


Slideshow of collected images, 20 images, duration: 3 mins. 2014

21 August 2014

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I have a exhibition opening in studio 12 at Gertrude Contemporary on September 5.

I was walking down Gertrude street yesterday and I thought about all of the shop windows (most of them I must say, are connected to horrendous shops). All of these windows are regularly cleaned to allow people to look clearly through them. Actually lately I've been observing workers washing windows quite a bit... an action similar to cleaning giant lenses. Seems good to feel the materiality of this substance. A film or membrane or frame.

9 August 2014


There is a gap of time between taking a photo and looking at it, or even looking at it properly if you get a chance to look at it properly. I don't really care how long that gap is; it could be a day or a decade, whatever it is, it seems important. 

29 July 2014

Notes on bike riding that don't fit anywhere else

Riding against a head wind
Riding while carrying an object under one arm
Riding with a rattle (somewhere a loose screw or mud guard)
Riding with flat tires
Riding in the cold, keeping one hand warm at a time
Riding with a leaf stuck in the spokes 

(My friend Brooke hates riding, she prefers trains or cabs)

3 June 2014

22 May 2014

Strikes, absences.

I went up to Sydney a week ago and managed to catch the end of the Biennale. I took this picture on my last day there. I feel conflicted about writing anything definitive about the BoS/Transfield issue. Partly because there has already been so much coverage of it in the media, perhaps to the detriment of the cause (its easy to get fatigued and disorientated when something is repeated endlessly). Its disturbing how the media really squeezes every bit of value out of an issue. Suffice to say that life isn't getting easier for asylum seekers. Nor is life getting easier for the disadvantaged, poor or marginalised, as both our major political parties move further and further towards 'free' markets and unfettered capitalism. I can't help but feel that we're all inextricably entwined in this system and that finding opportunities to push against it (or just to apprehend it) are rare. While there wasn't much mention of it in the official programme, I thought I should post this photo here.

You can read an interesting discussion of the issue by Danny Butt here

14 May 2014

Woke up on Wednesday morning to find the sun shining directly through the crack underneath my door. Once a year alignment maybe.

Edit: Brennan thinks that once a year might be too big of a claim. I'm probably wrong on the science.

9 April 2014

Seven days of wet.

Caught these this morning. I think they refer to this post.

29 January 2014

13 January 2014

Dogs waiting outside Savers
Dogs waiting outside Abesha Ethiopian Restaurant
Dogs waiting outside Woolworths
Dogs waiting outside the Bank of Melbourne
Dogs waiting outside Barkly Square
Dogs waiting outside Tiba’s Lebanese Restaurant
Dogs waiting outside Westgarth Fish & Chips
Dogs waiting outside Aunt Maggies 
Dogs waiting outside Arts Project
Dogs waiting outside Cibi Cafe
Dogs waiting outside Liquorland
Dogs waiting outside Hot Dollar

4 January 2014

Over Christmas I read The Uprising by Franco Berardi. Here is a bit:

Only if we're able to disentangle the future (the perception and conception of the future, and the very production of it) from the traps of growth and investment, will we find and escape from the vicious subjugation of life, wealth and pleasure to the financial abstraction of semio-capital.

The key to this disentanglement may be found in a new form of wisdom which harmonises with exhaustion. Exhaustion is a cursed word in the frame of modern culture, which is based on the cult of energy and the cult of male aggressively. But energy is fading in the postmodern world, for many reasons that are easy to detect.

Energy is fading because of the demographic trend: [human]kind is growing old, as a whole, because the prolongation of life expectancy, and because of the decreasing birth rate. A sense of exhaustion results from this process of general ageing, and what has been considered a blessing – the prolonged life expectancy–may prove to be a misfortune, if the myth of energy is not restrained and replaced with a myth of solidarity and great compassion. Energy is also fading because basic physical resources like oil are doomed to extinction or dramatic reduction. Finally, energy is fading because competition is stupid in the age of the general intellect. The general intellect is not based on juvenile impetus and male aggressively––infighting, winning, and appropriation. It is based on cooperation and sharing.

This is why the future is over, and we are living in a space that is beyond the future. If we are able to come to terms with this postfuturistic condition, we'll renounce accumulation and growth, and will be happy sharing the wealth from our past of industrial labor and from our present of collective intelligence. If we are not able to do this, we will be doomed to a century of violence, misery, and war. 

Last year I took stock a bit. I turned 30. I've wondered about my practice of art making and institutional exhibition making. I've also wondered who my people are, and where this has led me. I don't know. But I know there's a lot to do and I hope to do more of it in 2014.

(Sorry about this photo, I saw it in office works yesterday and thought it was pretty wrong on a lot of levels. )

11 November 2013

A short film.

Showing in the Gertrude Residency exhibition, opening this Friday 15th November, Gertrude Contemporary. This video has a narrated soundtrack, which was performed by Helen Grogan.

16 September 2013

Two works included in "Reinventing the wheel: the ready-made century" at MUMA.

Chocks 2013, objects found and replaced from trailers in Northcote and Brunswick.

Tracks 2013, duration: 50 secs

Opening at MUMA on the 3rd of October, 2013.

9 September 2013

Here & there

This morning while waiting at my tram stop it was sunny out but I noticed that a few cars driving by, covered in rain. I like this phenomenon, of cars bringing weather from one place to another.

19 August 2013

When faults become a feature.

Here are two photos I took of cast concrete forms that have surface imperfections (air bubbles). The first is in Melbourne, and is jammed with cigarette butts. The second photo is from the escalator wall at the NGA, that had built up finger grime left by people ascending and descending the escalator.

14 August 2013


10 ATMs, with drums generously played by Ryan Bennett.

30 July 2013


Last night, when I put my used piece of floss on the edge of the sink it disappeared. Into the patterned surface. Gone.

I think this post is for Hanna Tai, in response to a conversation we had about disappearing things.

11 June 2013

Talking in real life.

I participate in a reading group, where we read theory and discuss it fortnightly. The group isn't about having a perfect knowledge of philosophy, just an interest and opinion. And we drink.


Come along.

29 May 2013

Gaps in everything.

While driving in the rain, I've often noticed how windscreen wipers tend to leave a gap in the centre of the windscreen, where the blades can't reach / wipe.

While driving to Sydney last week I noticed it again and it reminded me; this shape persists.

13 May 2013


I've just added in an extra page (on the left) with some links to friends and blogs that I visit often. I know that social media has taken a real foothold, with rapid fire changes etc. But I still think blogging and artist websites are good, especially as they can focus on action, content and creative output.

30 April 2013



Finally got around to printing my single issue newsletter (cover image of Andrea Zittel's Homestead Unit), documenting my time in the unit at the NGA. Much thanks to Dan Bourke for designing it.

15 April 2013

Wi - Fi

Here are 5 images from a recent series of 30. I took photos of sites and combined them with their local Wi-Fi network names, which I identified using my phone. Most of the sites are in Northcote, Collingwood, Brunswick and Coburg.

27 March 2013

Regimes of Value, curated by Elizabeth Gower at Margaret Lawrence Gallery : VCA


33 Objects that can fit through the hole in my pocket, 2013, Digital Video, Duration: 1.30mins

9 Objects (arranged by Helen Grogan), 2013
partially used 2012 Diary, wire sculpture prototype, corrugated iron, rock with drilled hole, un-exposed 30mm film, mini camera tripod, lino, cotton tape, flatscreen TV monitor with video (above).

14 March 2013


Here are my last 5 metcards, which became defunct in Melbourne on the last day of 2012. Metcards have been replaced by a dysfunctional smart-card system called Myki.

13 March 2013


During 10 days this month I'm inhabiting a work by Andrea Zittel at National Gallery of Australia. This is the blog:

5 March 2013


This image is taken with the lens cap on.

In this image, Brennan is holding the lens cap very close to the lens.

In this image, he is holding it slightly away from the lens.

In this image, he is holding it a bit further away.

In this image, he is holding it even further away.

In this image, Brennan is holding the lens cap very far away. 

28 February 2013


Some works or collections begin to bank up, and they never find a place in a show. Here are some audio recordings of local dogs. I've coupled them with their locations, which makes me think of specific suburban territories (fence lines etc).

23 February 2013

Two things that have nowhere else to go.

The first is my belt, which I've had for about 4 years now and have worn pretty frequently. There are two extra holes that I punched myself. I realise that over the past four years my waist has oscillated between all five holes framed in this photograph.

The second photo is two objects, a rock and a candle, both which I collected for artworks but never ended up using. After a week of hot days on my window sill, the rock melted into the candle.

Lastly, recently I noticed that some graffiti on my bedroom lamp (which I found on the street two years ago) is actually a picture of a dick.

26 January 2013

One last quote from Chroma

"I caught myself looking at shoes in a shop window. I thought of going in and buying a pair, but stopped myself. The shoes I am wearing at the moment should be sufficient to walk me out of life."

8 January 2013



As I'm writing this there are many bush fires burning around Australia. Apparently the beginning of 2013 has also broken temperature records.

I just got back from a hiking trip. I left my book on the beach over night (we watched a red moon rise in the horizon, hazy from fires in tasmania) and woke up to find it completely full of sand. Each page was jammed slightly open.


"There are many colours now, but only four colours were used by the great greek painters. Everything was superior when there were fewer resources... What people are really interested in now are the lifelike portraits of gladiators. Everything is but a shadow of a golden past. The colours will fade in the twilight of history"

Derek Jarman - Chroma

18 December 2012

Relation & Being & Whatever.

In 2007, I remember I was making an artwork that required a drop of my own blood. It was daunting for me, I found it impossible to bring myself to draw my own blood. And then, as I was making the other bits of the work I accidentally cut my finger. And so I got my drop of blood anyway.

15 December 2012

"Desire Lines" curated by Juliana Engberg, ACCA, 15 December 2012 - 3 March 2013

Fields and Gardens (2013), 4 video components, text, map and material collections. 

My MFA show